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Contemporary Istanbul 2014

maueo -white room

Art is a fresh air for every human being.

We like to introduce you trends and latest talents in Arts, featured in Contemporary Istanbul 2014.

Event took place between 13-16 November and hosted more than 100 art gallery and artists all over the world. The war and Δ±slamic statements seems influenced most of the artist’s works.On the other hand, just opposite to this aggressiveness there is a naive and pure drawings taking place and reminds us black and white is always goes together to make zen.

Let’s take a look!

barbara paci galeri-aron demetz

Sculpture by Aron Demetz

andrea collesano barbara pagi galeri

Andrea Collesano / Barbara Paci Gallery Italy

Genco gulan:galeriartist

Artist Genco Gulan / Gallery Artist Istanbul

hossein edalatkhah-frankpages galeri

Artist Hossein Edalatkhah / Frankpages Gallery Switzerland

Nathan vincent

Nathan Vincent / Emmanuel Fremin Gallery New York

Thaiz hong kong

t hong kong

Hong Kong Artists Thaiz

Laila A. Essaydi London

Laila A.Essaydi / Kashya Hildebrand Gallery London

Cover photo Artist Maueo Pucliese / Gallery White Room Capri Italy

Photography Kadriye

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