Top 5 Eco Products Makes U Save Water

Water waste is the most threatening issue for environment. Here are some basic products that help us to save it as much as energy and our budget!


Brita is almost 40th. years old brand that has been among the leading experts in the field of water optimization. Water filters can be use for clarifiying top water with either fixing directly to the faucet or as pitchers.


Designed by Justine Smith, this product is water cooler and water filter in one. The cooler uses the innovative technology of thermoacoustic refrigeration, using sound waves to create pressure and environmentally friendly gases to create a cool surrounding temperature.
Cool right?

Sensor Armatur ( Faucets)

Sensor armatures are the most effcient products that designed to prevent water waste.
Plus no worries about if u leave it open. It’s affordable, safe and makes you save almost the half of your daily usage.

I Save

Designed by Reamon Yu, This digital display measures your water consumption and makes us realise how much waste we do or how much we can save.


This innovative product delivers exactly the amount of water you need,when you need it. Energy use only 3p a day, saving up to %55 againts kettle.

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Why Saving Water is So Important?


Best of 2011 Green Design

Hi there,

This is a quick look to 2011 which company and products done the best in terms of innovation, energy efficiency, technology and life cycle of the product as well as keeps the visual aspect at the great scale!

The selection is about matching requirements of the all above, an objective outlook to the brands and products.


Project name: Greensburg Schools/Kiowa County Schools
Project owner: Kiowa County USD 422
Location: Greensburg Kansas

This project is been selected from Best of Green Building Top Ten announced by AIA as Award Winners.

We selected this one because it’s approach brings a sustainable solution to the natural disasters such as tornado.



It’s hard to decide in this category,but Philips Eco Mood series have significiant contribution to energy efficiency and Green Design. Besides this collection is a great example of that great design can be also affordable. Congratulations to innovative design team.!



Very competitive area indeed.

Well, one of the most important parameters of Green Design is innovation. Here is one of the great example of innovative technology in household product that makes sense in terms of saving energy!


SMART Mercedes-Benz Group

Although Honda’s Civic Natural Gas was named Green Car Of The Year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the product still consumes CO2 emission and natural gas is not an sustainable energy source.

The most CO2 emission consumption is in the cities and this car is especially designed for city use. Zero emission, %85 recyclable, great design and as named it Smart! Very Smart indeed!


Mac Mini APPLE

Hard to choose but when it comes to energy efficiency as well as latest technology in computers nothing can beat up MAC Mini!

It doesn’t waste energy. When idle, Mac mini consumes less than 13 watts. Mac Mini is also made from highly recyclable aluminum. Its package is designed to be mini, so it’s as efficient as possible to ship. Advance technology with Δ°ntel and Mac duo processors is a plus! Thanks to Steve Jobs.