New Year New Collection!

We hope you like my new collection


Highlights of Spring 2015!

Brighter days on the way! It’s time to dust it off and fresh’n up!

This Spring is all about details so just few touch up will be make lots of difference!

Blue is most highlighted color of the season with tones of aquamarine and scuba, almost everywhere.

Nature is the most common theme influenced by ecostyle, the look of spring is therefore very natural including hair and makeup.

Glam is also hiding in details especially in dresses with lots of lace and light fabrics involved.

Take a look!

You Are The Queen of Your Castle!

Raw Collection my latest, for ladies who keeps independent spirit inside!

The Collection has real story,inspired my grandma’s life.

All the pieces in the collection tailor made and light as air because of the special fabrics selected!

I always want to give you the best of me to make you feel the best of you!



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