Ola Madrid! GoodBye London! #LFW #MFW

This is the last day of London Fashion Week, second day in Madrid!

Nasir Mazhar Hip hop life style is an alternative to classical fashion statement!

Aristocrazy! Well what do you think? At 19.30 ET


One thought on “Ola Madrid! GoodBye London! #LFW #MFW

  1. What lovely pictures you have taken! I love seeing people expressing their fashion in their own ways. Not really into fashion but seeing people be passionate to what they love during LFW is great. I passed Somerset House the other day and there were some very interesting colours and clothes that people put together.

    I hope you will check out this post and comment on my friend’s post about the KTZ show during LFW while meeting Carri of Cassette Playa and ex-Danity Kane member, Dawn Richards: http://denzelwynter.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/london-fashion-week-aw-13-lfw-day-1.html

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