Tribute To Steve Jobs

I was 19th. years old when I started to work in an one of the biggest Advertising Agency in New York as an intern.

When I saw the production room for the first time in my life I was stunned. It was the huge room full of Macs in big screens working all together as an symphony orchestra.
It was the room where turns our images and ideas in mind to real time jobs, to the billboards, videos, jingles, commercials…It was the Mac that turns our ideas, dreams into reality.

Most of the people know him from his latest inventions such as iphones, tablet, itunes and most importantly, not informed or forgot that he invented Macintosh. The system that works best to express creativity, best tool ever!

For all creative people in the industry; creative directors, art directors, musicians it was one of the most appreciated invention of him.

He was with us in every step of the way.

He was our invisible, enthusiastic business partner.

We gonna miss you every step of the way…

Rest in peace.

Creative Director

The Post Dedicated For The Loving Memory of Steve Jobs: Evolution Of The Revolution


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