Why We Need Eco Design?

About My thesis ;
Sustainable Product Design
This thesis has been proceeded referring to the post-constructivist afford within the concept of “Development” towards the issues of scarcity, uneven development, ecological hazardous which humanity is been facing at the moment. This new paradigm is been called “Sustainable Development” and in this study afford has been made to show how this approach claims to establish sustainability in product design with the social, economical and political patterns at macro level.

In part 1, the explicit definition of “Ecology” has been made in order to be understood the Scientific Concept of ecology and it’s main paradigms that penetrates to the social, economical and ecological patterns has been showed with it’s interrelations to the ecological hazardous.Waste is being the main term of sustainability in terms of consumption and production. Therefore, part 2 inspects to show how these main dynamics are being penetrated to the level of product design in terms of waste at those layers and how are they been diminishing, irritating sustainability and contribute to the ecological hazardous.In part three, Sustainable Product Design Methodologies and Technologies have been presented with the same order as analysed in part two. These new technologies which being defended in this study focus on minimising waste in every stage in the Life -cycle of the product. Consequently, it has been concluded that how Sustainable Product Design could be achieved in terms of “Sustainable Development” concept, in order to minimise the ecological hazardous in terms of waste.

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