Which color to wear for which job interview?

Grey is the color of power, dignity, diplomacy. Finance, marketing, education, management candidates should use it with custom suit then they’ll never going to miss it.!

Red is the color of feminity, passion, sensuality, braveness, self confidence and adrenalin. The candidates in technology, arts, interactive media, TV, press, are the ones who should put them on to shoot the target.

Purple is the color of subconscious, creativity, inspiration, vision. Advertising, design, architecture are the areas you should be seen in purple.

Green is the color of vitality, freshness, environment, renewment. Outdoor jobs like landscape architecture, environmental and cleaning sectors, cooking are the ones you should choose to go within.

Blue is the color of healing, calmness, serenity, peace and freedom.
Ideal color for health sector, philosophy, science and research candidates.

Text Millionsofcolor-Δ°mages Google. All Rights Reserved.


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